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Nestlé Nespresso Romont - Codir

- Good exercises and good balance between practice/theory.
- Useful information to keep in mind for future meetings, presentations, communications...
- Très bons exemples, concrets dans les explications. Bonne documentation.
- Very good training which helps to understand how people communicate and interact together.
- Good trainer I will recommend her.
- Un bon leader/manager doit avant tout bien se connaître. Cet exercice permet cela, de manière structurée. A recommander à des équipes qui perçoivent quelques soucis de communication.
- Une journée c'est trop court



Nestlé Centre HR team
Mrs. Katherine Ostler
Senior HR Business Partner

Yannick helped us facilitate a HBDI session for the new HR team. She was very insightful and really helped us understand the different profiles in the team. It was pleasure to work with her and would definetly use her again in the future.



Nestlé Professionnal - Operations Team

- Great interactive session. Very positive.
- Excellent session, really well presented. Good engagement. Thank you.
- Very good session. Exceeded my expectations. Very clear and good exemples provided by Yannick. Well done!
- I enjoyed the exercises.
- Training was very good, open, honest and motivation as the team is undergoing structural changes.
- Excellent to have that training as a team to know each other better.



Nestlé Professionnal
Mr. Kevin Harty
Head of NP Global Operations

- One of the most insightful experiences that I have been through in my professional career.



Nestlé - Finance team of 6 people

Our common willingness to leverage our individual preferences is key in building a strong and cohesive team.

Thank you Yannick for this very insightful session leading to higher self-awareness individually and for the team. A few weeks after our session, we can see the change on how we work together and communicate to each other.



Nestlé International Travel Retail Team

Mrs. Isabelle Pescante
HR Business Partner

First introduction to HBDI within NITR Team. Everyone really appreciated Yannick's experience and nice way to conduct this HBDI Teambuilding exercise. We are now continuing and building the future on the same base. Thanks again for your positive mindset and good energy.